Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Urgent! TSLL reporters needed!

This is for each OBS and TS Committee Chair, and each Roundtable Moderator/Chair, and Working Group Chair! This part 2 of the "Urgent TSLL" reporters posting.

For TSLL, I need each of you to make sure to assign someone in your group the task of taking good notes for a report from your group for publication in the September conference issue of TSLL. If you can remember to email me their name and email address, that would be extra nice. Email to the tsll account at tsll@removethisunlnotes.unl.edu Don't email TSLL stuff to my regular email account.

I simply don't have time to contact each of you individually. I believe that Rhonda and Susan have contacted you about this, but in case you didn't get the message, or in case it has slipped your mind in the flurry of pre-annual meeting madness--- this email is yet another reminder.

Please don't forget. Assign a good notes-taker. Take GOOD notes like... say, d-major, or a-minor.

Just kidding.

I didn't include the committees and roundtables and working groups reporters in my previous posting about the TSLL wiki. There are just too many of these, and each is important to get into TSLL. Thank you!

Brian Striman
Editor-in-Chief, TSLL
Schmid Law Library
University of Nebraska College of Law

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