Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reporters needed!


Wishing everyone a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!! < *boom * ~ pop~ ""Snnnap!"" >

If you are reading this after the 4th of July, I hope you HAD a Happy Independence day and that you still have all your fingers and are reasonably alert and awake.

You probably read the posting earlier from Chris Tarr (on the TS list) about the two of us looking for reporters for the Annual Meeting. She wants bloggites, and I need writers/reporters for our beloved TSLL September issue.

If you're going to volunteer to help either Chris or me, we'd like to see about having you do BOTH. Of course this idea of bloggers and reporters could potentially get complicated. But undaunted, we are going to try anyway. We have ONE WEEK to get reporters gathered to write on OBS and TS events and programs. [I know-- I know--- I waited too long again to do this].... *sigh*

I'm working on getting an HTML simple sign-up chart made with a URL, so you can go to it and find an event to blog and/or report on, and then put down your name and email address and press the submit button and I'll try to keep it updated often. This may not go to smoothly, so you can always CALL ME VIA THE TELEPHONE to work out assignments.

THE TELEPHONE is an option: 402-472-8286 is my phone number. If you want to be reporter and don't care what you want to report on, just tell me or Chris and we'll put your name in the hat and we'll assign you a writing job.

I hope to have the Dreamweaver signup form up and running by this Thursday afternoon.

--Brian Striman

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