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TS-SIS Business Meeting -- Minutes from St Louis

... as approved at this year's Business Meeting:

Technical Services SIS
2005/2006 Business Meeting
July 9, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 5:32 P.M by TS-SIS chair Karen Douglas.

A quorum was verified.

Awards Committee: Pam Deemer presented the Renee D. Chapman Memorial Award to Georgia Briscoe. Pam introduced Barbara Bintliff and Karen Selden, who highlighted Georgia’s many professional accomplishments, including her numerous publications, her work at the SIS level, and her contributions to a variety of professional associations.

Pam then reported that the committee awarded CONELL grants to Annie Chen and Jill Ryder and an education grant to Yan Yu for the electronic serials cataloging workshop.

Chair’s Report: Karen Douglas gave a brief report and said that it had been a pleasure working for TS-SIS during the past year.

Secretary/Treasurer Report: Chris Long reported the election results for 2006/2007 offices. Alan Keely was elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Sima Mirkin was elected Secretary/Treasurer, and Marie Whited was elected Member-At-Large. 21% of the ballots were returned. In addition, 3 bylaws proposals were voted on and passed by the membership in May. The projected balance as of July 1, 2006 was $11, 742.22.

Member-At-Large Reports

Joint Reception: Brian Striman reported that there was a large turnout for the reception, estimating that at least 300 people showed up, which is about 100 more than expected.

Activities Table: Janice Anderson reminded members to stop by the table and view the Centennial Committee’s PowerPoint presentation that profiles many long-time members of TS-SIS.

Presentation of Certificates

Two certificates of appreciation were presented. One went to Betty Roeske for her long-time service as TS-SIS’s electronic discussion list moderator, and the other went to Martin Wisneski for his work as the TS-SIS webmaster.

Standing Committee Reports

Acquisitions: Lorna Tang stated that the committee tackled several issues this year. One is the preparation of an acquisitions workshop that will be proposed for the 2007 annual meeting. Other projects have included the revival of a database of foreign vendors of legal materials and the updating of a collection development policies page on the TS-SIS website. Lorna reminded members about the various acquisitions programs, meetings, and roundtables taking place during the annual meeting.

Cataloging and Classification Committee: Karen Nuckolls reported that the cataloging links of the TS-SIS website had been updated. Progress continues to be made on the Resource Description and Access (RDA) document. A number of other hot topics have surfaced recently, and Karen encouraged members to attend the Cataloging & Classification Committee Meeting and the Cataloging and Classification Issues Roundtable later in the week.

Preservation: Pat Turpening stated that a preconference preservation workshop had been planned but was cancelled due to a lack of registrations. Four new subcommittees have been created to deal with various preservation issues.

Serials: Carol Avery Nicholson reported that the committee had updated many of the serials links on the TS-SIS website. A small group has been working on ABA statistics, and she alerted the group that a new method of counting electronic titles is being proposed.

Annual Membership Survey Report: Rhonda Lawrence indicated that the survey for volunteers will now be done by the Membership Committee. Rhonda also stated that persons wanting to belong to a standing committee should no longer assume they are automatically a committee member; they will need to submit their names to the committee chair.

Centennial Committee: Mahnaz Moshfegh replaced Janice Shull as chair of this committee. Mahnaz reported that the committee created a poster chronicling important TS-SIS events since 1979. The committee also created a profile of members who have served for 20 or more years; this profile will also be posted on the TS-SIS website.

Duplicate Exchange: Bonnie Geldmacher reported that 48 libraries participated in the program this year. The authority list was updated, a secondary list was created and the indexing was improved.

Education Committee: Rhonda Lawrence announced that the Education Committee meeting will be held from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11. There are already a number of suggested program proposals, many of which need coordinators.

Joint Research Grant Committee: Chris Long reported for Caitlin Robinson that no applications were received during the past year. Chris took the opportunity to invite members to attend the OBS/TS-SIS Research Roundtable on Tuesday morning, July 11. .

Nominating Committee: Virginia Bryant introduced the winners of this year’s election: Alan Keely (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Sima Mirkin (Secretary/Treasurer), and Marie Whited (Member-At-Large). She thanked all those who ran for office this year, and encouraged others to considering running for office if asked in the future.

Ad Hoc Committee on Membership: this committee was established to attract more members, especially those technical services law librarians who are not currently TS-SIS members.

Online Discussion List: Betty Roeske, outgoing manager of the online discussion list, thanked members for their support over the years.

Website: Martin Wisneski reported that the committee had made significant improvements to the TS-SIS website during the past year, most notably a new design of the initial page.

At this point in the meeting, a vote to convert the Membership Committee from an ad hoc to a permanent administrative committee was conducted by Cindy May. The motion passed.

Bylaws Committee: Cindy May reported that all of the proposed bylaws changes that had been passed by the TS-SIS membership during the past year had been reviewed and accepted by the AALL Bylaws Committee.

TSLL: Brian Striman thanked Cindy May and Julie Stauffer for their work on TSLL. Brian also indicated that he always welcomes comments.

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Report: Rhonda Lawrence thanked Cindy May for her work in spearheading a major change in the way AALL coordinates programs and meetings. Cindy also worked very hard on the handbook and bylaws this year, and Rhonda presented her with a plaque as a token of appreciation. Rhonda also praised Karen Douglas’ effective leadership and communication style, and presented her with a plaque and a gift from the TS-SIS board.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Long

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