Friday, July 13, 2007

TS Business Meeting!

Hello all,

Please find below the agenda for the TS-SIS 2007 annual business meeting to be held Sunday, July 15th, 5:30-6:45 pm in the Hilton-Grand Salon, rooms 9-12, New Orleans, Louisiana.

As you know this year we are voting on a bylaw change to the Preservation Standing Committee, and our chairs and committees and liaisons will be making brief reports on their activities. The Renee D. Chapman award--always a highlight--will be presented to this year’s worthy and accomplished recipient, Mary Jane Kelsey, Associate Law Librarian for Technical Services, Yale Law School, Lillian Goldman Library.

Thank you all again for the wonderful opportunity to lead our Section this past year. You are great colleagues, and it has been an honor and a personal privilege to serve as your chair.



Rhonda K. Lawrence
TS-SIS Chair, 2006/07


American Association of Law Libraries

TS-SIS 2007 Business Meeting

Sunday, July 15th, 5:30-6:45 pm
Hilton-Grand Salon 9-12
New Orleans, Louisiana

1. Call to order and verification of quorum

2. Executive Officer Reports
Chair’s Report – Rhonda K. Lawrence
Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Sima Mirkin

Results of 2007 election:
Linda Tesar 2007/08 Vice-chair/Chair Elect Carmen Brigandi, 2007/08--2008/09 member-at-large

3. Member – at – Large Reports
Joint Reception – Janice Anderson
Activities Table – Jeffrey Bowen for Marie Whited

4. Vote on acceptance of Preservation Committee Bylaw Change and Bylaws Committee Report – Karen Douglas

5. Standing Committee Reports
Acquisitions – Ajaye Bloomstone
Cataloging & Classification – Jean Pajerek
Preservation – Pat Turpening
Serials – Carol Avery Nicholson

6. Awards Committee Report – Ellen McGrath

Recognition of TS-SIS grant recipients –Ellen McGrath
Karen Wahl, Tina Miller, and Ed Hart
Sean Chen, first Marla Schwartz grant recipient

Presentation of the Renee D. Chapman Memorial Award – Blair Kauffman
Mary Jane Kelsey, 2007 recipient

7. Introduction of TS-SIS VIP – Rhonda K. Lawrence
Karen Wahl

8. Other SIS Activity Reports
Duplicate Exchange – Bonnie Geldmacher
Education Committee – Rhonda K. Lawrence
Joint Research Grant – Nancy Poehlman
Nominating Committee – Reggie Wallen
Membership – Jeff Bowen
Online Discussion List – Mira Greene
Website – Martin Wisneski

9. Reports from AALL Representatives
ALCTS CC:DA liaison – Kathy Winzer
MARBI liaison -- George Prager
ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee (SAC) liaison -- Yael Mandelstam

10. Certificates of Appreciation – Rhonda K. Lawrence

11. TSLL Report – Brian Striman

12. LC Report – Jolande Goldberg

13. 2006/07 Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Report – Alan Keely
Annual Membership Survey Report

New Business

1. Passing of the "gavel" and adjournment

All officer, committee, and representative reports will be available on the TS-SIS web site after the annual meeting.

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