Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cataloging and Classification Subcommittee Meeting

Since there was a reporter for this meeting, my blog will be brief. Although I prefer dispersing kudos liberally, I have to complain that it was very difficult to hear these proceedings. Granted I do not hear well, but since we are a greying profession, I suspect that I am not alone. The content of this meeting was highly important, and people have a right to hear information necessary for their work. Excuse me, I am now stepping down from my soap box.

Not surprisingly, the meeting was extremely well-organized. First, there were announcements. These were followed by Representatives' Reports: The ALA ALCTS CCS Subject Analysis Committee (SAC) report was presented by Yael Mandelstam who also reported on the Task Force on Inherently Legal Subject Headings, a very valuable project. The MARBI report was given by George Prager. And the Cataloging and Classification Section: Description and Access (CC:DA) report was given by Kathy Winzer. The Representatives' Reports were followed by the Task Group Reports. First Terri Saye presented the Task Group Standards for Vendor-supplied Bibliographic Records. Then Ellen McGrath presented the Classification and Subject Cataloging Policy Advisory Working Group, including a discussion of the KF1 draft table. A majority of those in the meeting were in favor of the KF1 draft by Marie Whited. Comments about the draft will be recorded.

Jolande Goldberg gave the LC Update. She said the LC structure would stay as it is, but there will be changes. An action plan will be necessary and a report will go out. There will be an incresed use of Classification Web and more authority records. There will also be authority records for form subdivisions. Jolande referred people to the CPSO website. She noted that LC lost close to 30% of its classification staff and pointed out that they cannot catalog and digitize both; there is no money.

TSLL will no doubt have a fuller report on this important meeting.

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