Monday, July 18, 2005

Tech Services Business Meeting

Chair Cindy May introduced our VIP Dawn Smith, a recent graduate from library school. She also introduced Vice Chair/Chair Elect Karen Douglas, and Secretary/Treasurer Chris Long. As Chris will be preparing minutes, I’ll just cover the highlights here.
  • Jolande Goldberg reported that the Alphabet Soup reception was a great success, with 100 more people attending than expected. The food was gone in half an hour, which is actually a good thing. Five Innovative people attended, including Sandy Westfall. Innovative gave us $5,000 and we spent it on food and flowers.
  • Brian Striman is raffling off two quilts and a handknit scarf at the activities table.
  • Lorna Tang is now Chair of the Acquisitions Committee, as Diane Altimari had to resign due to health reasons.
  • Amy Lovell announced that the AALL rep reports would be given at the Cat and Class meeting, that the Inherently Legal Subject Headings report would be given at the Cat and Class Roundtable, and that a New Catalogers Roundtable would be held. Karen Nuckolls will be the new Cat and Class Chair (serving a two year term).
  • Pat Turpening reported that the Preservation Program had been well attended, and that the Preservation Roundtable would host a special guest, the head of preservation at UT Austin. She also noted that Preservation had expanded its membership after a lengthy membership drive.
  • Frank Richardson announced that the serials program on EDI had been quite a success; that the exchange of duplicated program had increased membership and revenue this year; and that Carole Avery Nicholson would be chair of the Serials Committee next year.
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Annual Meeting Programming, chaired by Jolande Goldberg and Reggie Wallen had great success in wringing huge concessions from AALL headquarters, with AALL recognizing that as the membership grows there is more of a need for people to meet in smaller groups, and thus need for times for those groups to meet. Next year the no conflict times will be limited to the Association Business Meeting. For a fuller report, read Tory Trotta’s message, and the recommendations published on the TS website.
  • Karen Douglas reported that participation in the survey was high, and the results will be tabulated and reported soon.
  • The Centennial Committee (Janice Shull, chair, Keiko Ohara, Patty Satzer and Mahnez Moshfegh) need ideas and also, stuff with the TS-SIS logo. Also creative ideas for the variety show.
  • Exchange of Duplicates, led by Bonnie Geldmacher, now has 43 members, up 2 from last year.
  • Michael Mabon reported that of the 13 programs proposed by the Education Committee, 4 were accepted, and of the 2 workshops proposed, 1 was accepted. 4 programs were put on by TS independently of the Association. Karen Douglas is next year’s chair.
  • Eloise Vondruska is retiring after three years chairing the Joint Research Grant, and Caitlin Robinson is taking over. There were no grants given out this year.
  • Thanks to the Nominating Committee (Chris Tarr, chair, Elizabeth Geesey Holmes and Carmen Brigandi) we had Nominations, and then an Election (thanks to Chris Long). Rhonda Lawrence is the new incoming Vice Chair/Chair Elect, and Janice Anderson is the new Member-at-Large. This year for the first time we posted the candidate statements on the TS website, and that worked well.
  • Betty Roeske noted that the TS discussion list seems to be working well.
  • Martin Wisneski, the webmaster, reported that we may in the future have the capacity to collect more useful statistics.
  • Proposals 1-3, 5-6 to revise the bylaws were passed, with some amendments. Proposal 4 was tabled. However, since Proposal 5 enables the section to revise bylaws electronically, it should prove much easier to revise Proposal 4 and pass it before the next annual meeting.
  • Ann Sitkin, “the standard to which we all aspire” was awarded the Rene Chapman Award.
  • Karen Douglas, incoming chair, noted that Cindy May will be a hard act to follow, and that she looks forward to an interesting year.