Monday, July 18, 2005

Cataloging and Classification Committee meeting

It was early, very early.

  • The MARBI (Karen Selden) and SAC (Marie Whited) reps noted that their reports were available on the TS website. The CC:DA rep (Kathy Winzer) noted that hers was as well, but she had some futher information to discuss. Kathy announced that the JSC has abandoned AACR3 in favor working instead on RDA, a set of principle based rules useable world wide, but based on Anglo-American traditions which will be useable beyond the library and will be compatible with things like Dublin Core, ONIX and FRBR. Other issues that Kathy has been involved in include advising LC on the law section of Ch. 21 (Uniform titles).
  • Since Ellen McGrath is not in San Antonio for the conference, Kathy Winzer gave Ellen’s report from the Task Force on Replacement Volumes. The Task Force submitted a report to the PCC. The Task Force submitted a report to LC. LC had some reservations about the TF's recommendations. The TF and LC are committed to resolving the issues together.
  • Jolande Goldberg gave us the LC Update. Apparently, CPSO is under pressure to focus on cataloging simplification. There’s more use of Class web as a research tool. Subject headings, for things in Arabic and Hebrew, will be established in the vernacular. There are attempts to simplify more tables, and to include in class schedules more historical information, possibly even maps. KB is now published. KBP (Islamic law) has been widely accepted in the Islamic world, which will help to expand it. Jolande is currently working on American and Canadian Indian law, which will most likely go into KI . American Indian tribes, which are sovereign nations, have been moved from 110s to 150s.
  • Open conversation. Marie Whited is now back at the Law Library of Congress, and says that through her we now have the chance to think about adding subject headings we’ve been wanting for a long time, like compiled statutes. A long discussion ensued about how best to make legal materials accessible – through uniform titles like Laws, etc., or through better subject access. All agreed that we should all thoroughly understand the rules for applying Laws, etc to see if we’d like to keep it, abandon it in favor of better subject access, or some combination. Our CC:DA rep is going to continue needing input on Uniform Titles so it would be helpful to her if we would begin to think about how we use them and if it works for us.

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