Friday, July 15, 2005

Heads of Technical Services Roundtable


Please come to the Heads of Technical Services Roundtable on Sunday, July 17 from 11:45 AM-1:15 PM in the Convention Center, Rm 213 (A)
You don't have to be a head of tech services to attend. All are welcome. Bring your lunch.

Our format will be a little different this year. We will break up into small groups to discuss 3 topics:

Should we continue to check in serials?

How to use staff time more efficiently when less new material is being ordered.

Convincing the dean/director you need more staff.

I am asking each group to select a note taker and give a brief summary of your discussion to the whole group.

This will be a flexible discussion depending on how many people arrive. We may have time for everyone to discuss each topic as a group, or we may have to break into smaller groups for simultaneous discussions of the topics. As tech services librarians, I know you can be flexible and adapt to change :-)

See you on Sunday!

Karen B. Douglas

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