Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Quilt and Scarf Winners Announced!

TS-SIS is pleased to announce winners of the raffle held at the TS activities table in the exhibit hall during the annual meeting. There were 212 entries for the quilts made by Sue Burkhart. Winners of the quilts are Marcus Hochstetler from Mahoning Law Library Association (soon moving to Kings County Law Library) and Kathy Coon from Jenkins Law Library.

Photograph: Marcus Hochstetler (left) and Kathy Coon with their quilts.

Photograph: Inscription by Sue Burkhart on one of the quilts.

There were 23 entries from newer law librarians (those with 5 years of experience or less) for the scarf made by Katrina Piechnik (Katrina is shown below with the scarf). Winner of the scarf is Shyama Agrawal of Duke University School of Law Library (Shyama was not available for a photograph).

Photograph: Katrina Piechnik with the scarf she made.

TS-SIS thanks both Sue and Katrina for their generous donations.

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