Monday, July 18, 2005

Preservation Committee Meeting, Monday, July 18, 2005

The Preservation Committee of TS-SIS met in the Rivercenter at 7 am today. The meeting was chaired by Pat Turpening of University of Cincinnati. A wide range of agenda topics indicated how active the committee is. On Sunday, the Preservation Committee had presented Program B3 : Preservation by the Book, in which the panel members discussed the challenges and value of completing a very lengthy preservation survey developed by the Northeast Document Conservation Center. The audience showed much interest and asked many thoughtful questions. Other work done by the committee includes a Preservation Roundtable (look for the Blog!), given today by a well-known preservationist; membership in the Special Committee on Permanent Public Access to Legal Information (Pat Turpening); liaisons with other groups in AALL and with other library organizations; outreach to chapters; and development of TechLinks on the TS website.

New members are most welcome. The Preservation Committee seeks your ideas and participation.

A program for the St. Louis meeting is under development.

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