Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Reminder: A Book in the Hand is Worth Two in the Store!

Dear OBS Colleagues,
Please see the message below from Stacy Etheredge and (Chief Justice John Roberts' new favorite librarian) John Cannan:
To paraphrase our favorite Philadelphian, Ben Franklin, the theme for the SR-SIS's 2015 Annual Children's Book Drive is "A Book in the Hand is Worth Two in the Store!", meaning that all of the shiny, new books in Barnes and Noble can't hold a candle next to one well-loved book in one child's hand.  Especially a child that doesn't get to go to Barnes and Noble.
Well, the response to the Book Drive so far has been incredible.  Believe it or not, AALL members have already donated over 300 books.  At an estimate of $7 per book, that's already $2100 worth of books for the drive.  And AALL is still one week away!
From all of us at SR-SIS, thank you so much.  But remember, our thanks are just a proxy for the thanks of the children of Philadelphia who will benefit from your generosity.
For those of you who haven't yet donated, it's easy!  Just visit us at our website:  Annual Book Drive.
Take care,
John Cannan and Stacy Etheredge, Co-Chairs
2015 AALL Annual Children's Book Drive

Karen Selden
Metadata Services Librarian
William A. Wise Law Library, University of Colorado Law School
Boulder, CO

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