Tuesday, July 07, 2015

FINAL Update: 2015 Marla J. Schwartz Silent Auction

With less than two weeks until AALL now, I'm reposting this message, in hopes that all of our members planning to donate items to the auction in Philly will reach out to me ASAP with details of their donation.  Thanks to everyone who has already contacted me thus far and I look forward to seeing you all in person soon!!!

Good afternoon, TS-SIS members ~

First of all, thanks to all who have already offered to donate items to the silent auction (our major fundraiser for the Marla J. Schwartz Grant) and thanks to all of you that are planning to donate but haven't yet reached out to me directly!

We recently found out that this year all groups are permitted only ONE​ table in the activities area at the Annual Meeting, so we are coming up with attractive ways to display your donations within the space limitations.

Because of this:

We would appreciate a photo and description of each of your items prior to the Annual Meeting, just in case we cannot display everything on the table.  These items will be stored under the table and available upon request.

As you collect your donations, please email or text me a photograph (larger is better) and a quick description of the piece(s) as soon as possible.

In addition to allowing us a chance to create a booklet of materials available that may not fit on the table, this information will also help us better plan for our space constraints and allow us to make educated decisions on potential purchases of display materials such as risers or stands.

(We would also appreciate any display materials you would be willing to bring with you to Philadelphia, such as risers or stands -- email me atamoye@charlottelaw.edu if you have any creative ideas or supplies that can help us overcome this particular challenge in 2015!)

As a reminder, all proceeds from the silent auction go to help fund the Marla J. Schwartz Grant, given to assist newer law librarians and graduate students in library/information studies to attend AALL sponsored events in technical services areas.

All fine pieces of craftwork and handiwork are welcome, and feel free to share this call for donations with anyone you know who would be interested in donating, even if they're not a member of TS-SIS.


Ashley Moye
Metadata & Digital Initiatives Librarian
Charlotte School of Law
Charlotte NC

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