Wednesday, July 10, 2013

message from the TS incoming chair . . .

Soon I will announce one of the most important leaders in our Section.



The Chair of the Education Committee chairs the Education Committee.

The Education Committee, as a committee name, sounds pretty boring.

I know that.

However, year after year this plugger committee's job is to cast nets throughout the universe looking for ideas for good continuing education development programs for our upcoming annual meetings.

NOT this meeting in Seattle. Those are locked in.

Your ideas for San Antonio need to be in kernel form RIGHT NOW, or immediately after the Seattle meeting.

Do I make this reality understandable?

If we don't not get any ideas for good programs, we will miss the train. The AMPC will meet and the matrix of San Antonio will be crafted and slots compete for all kinds of topics and events.

We snooze, we lose.

Sometimes, we aren't snoozing, but there's confusion about changes in the way program proposals and timing to submit them, and even then, good programs can be washed away back into the ocean of time.

The thing is that YOU are in control of programs now. NOT as much the Education Committee, like in the past. But the Education Committee needs to know the pool of proposals and ideas to help ensure the best program ideas are not lost back in the brackish waters of the primeval soup of potential ideas.

So ***PAY ATTENTION*** whether you think you are going to San Antonio or not. We need you. We need your ideas. We need speaker ideas. We need creativity. We need diversity of topics and forums.

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