Thursday, July 11, 2013

A message from Brian Striman . . .

Hey, TS fans. Here's a question that makes a difference in your professional life:

How do we get great programs that we need at each AALL annual meeting?

Answer: You.

Yes. You have an idea. The idea is the gold nugget.

But, we do not yet know your great idea. As a committee, we don't read minds.

Because of that flaw, unless you tell one of us now, or at the Seattle meeting MONDAY 11:45-12:45pm, or soon after the end of the conference, the idea goes into hospice.

We know. We know...... You don't want to hassle dealing with a proposal form, or dealing with making up learning outcomes, or that other stuff. You may not even want to be a speaker or coordinator. You hate being up front in a room filled with.... with..... "people."

WE DON'T GIVE A HOOT **WHY** YOU DON'T WANT TO SUBMIT a full blown proposal.

What we want is THAT IDEA. **THAT** idea. We want just the gold nugget idea that you think would be a great topic for a program of some length.

The Education Committee chair who's taken up the mantle of leadership to help find those gold nuggets is CHRISTINE DULANEY.

Christine is the Associate Law Librarian for Technical and Metadata Services at the American University Washington School of Law (the Pense Law Library).

Christine, Suzanne Graham and I will be expecting you to take time to come to the Monday at 11:45. We know there's the OBS business meeting at that time. We know there's an AALL meeting Program Committee open forum then. We know you'd rather go to have lunch somewhere with a colleague.


Don't come to the meeting. Go get something to each and shop for new shoes.

BUT THAT'S NO EXCUSE FOR NOT GIVING US YOUR GOLD NUGGETS!! You can text your ideas to me (write this down on your hand in ink) 402-202-0013. You can email to Christine: you can tell me or Christine if you spot us in one of the hallways. We'll get out a slip of paper and write down the idea and get your name so we can contact you after the conference. Yeah, baby, this is going to work!!

Once you deposit your gold nugget, you can skip the Education Committee meeting.

Remember, "No whining about lack of TS programs for San Antonio" if you personally have not submitted an idea that you think would make a pretty darn good program. Silence on this is bad. We want communication. You and us. Pass us your ideas. Go long! Or, just hand it off.

Christine, Suzanne and I are excited to get your ideas. The Education Committee will draft up a proposal based on your idea/s and shoot it back to you. We will keep fine-tuning it for you. We want the gold nugget to be a nicely polished piece you or someone you agree to designate, to submit it to AMPC.

Brian Striman
Vice Chair TS-SIS
U. of Nebraska

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