Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Tech Services Law Librarians:

There are currently 97 members of the facebook group TSLAWCHATS. There is no better time to join the chat group than now--- just before and during and after our AALL Annual Meeting.

It would be really cool to have over 100 members representing all types and sizes of law librarians interested in tech services chats. The more chatters we have the better. The facebook group has "waves" of posting chats off and on, so it's not overwhelming.

The fb social networking tool is not as informative nor as rich as the TS-SIS blog. If you haven't gone there yet, or know about it, you need to right now, so you know that the facebook group isn't at like the blog. They are two different communications sharing tools.

I'm getting pretty excited to see everybody in Boston. I just wish EVERYBODY could go. Dang! But you can enjoy the blog and the photos and postings online whether or not you're in Boston.

If you're one of the 97 TSLAWCHATS members, keep checking your facebook for chats, and don't be afraid to post chat chime-ins.
Brian Striman
U. of Nebraska

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