Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TS-SIS Membership Committee Meeting Agenda

TS-SIS Membership Committee Meeting
Monday, July 23, 12noon-1:00 PM
Sheraton, Exeter B

(open meeting)

1. Welcome

2. Collect a pool of positive first-day experiences
Pull from a summer camp, new school, college, new job, new club. We want to engage our colleagues, but we need to figure out which approaches are effective and which are white noise or annoying.

3. Collect pool of success-in-TS-SIS stories.
Share memories of your involvement in TS-SIS or vignettes that show the value of membership. Pull together a packet of stories to answer why should people join and be active in TS.

4. Review of other TS committees and their major projects and responsibilities

5. Review regular, on-going duties of the Membership Committee

Members, 2012-2013
Jennifer Creevy
Suzanne Graham, chair
Yumin Jiang
Cynthia Myers
Jen Richter
Linda Sobey
Cindy Spadoni (ex-officio)
Tara Summus

Suzanne Graham
Cataloging Services Librarian
University of Georgia
Athens GA

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