Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Program ideas for next year

Dear Membership!

By now you have heard about the survey AMPC (Annual Meeting Program Committee) is collecting. This survey is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. AMPC will compile responses to the survey and use those to determine the topics on which we want to be educated in next year's annual meeting programming. If topics are not given to AMPC through the survey or through direct communication, AMPC will assume that there is no interest in a topic and will not accept programs about that topic.

Having taken the survey myself, I can tell you that there is a lot of white space in which ideas are solicited, which is good, but that there are a lot of boxes to check off. The fear of the OBS-SIS Education Committee is that people may check off the boxes and then not think to add other topics that might be of interest in the white space. For me, there's something about filling in the boxes which makes it difficult to think of anything not in the boxes.

In the interest of making sure we do have programs on topics of interest to our membership, OBS-SIS Education Committee has compiled the following list of topics that we thought of interest that you might want to put into the white space. Please regard this email as a call for other topics of interest to our membership -- please respond to this message with other topics of interest if there are things we've left out.

Consider this a call as well for ideas for OBS programs you would like to see in Seattle. If you respond in the comments, you will be providing more topics for people to put in the white space of the survey.

Here is a link to the survey: http://www.cvent.com/Surveys/Welcome.aspx?s=248a35ab-8e5d-4a51-86c5-c7b219bf2cc0

And, we have learned that you can take the survey more than once, so if ideas occur to you after you have taken the survey, please take it again!

Here is our list, which we would love for you to augment:

Cloud computing, legal issues around cloud computing
What comes after MARC? The post-MARC world and what it will look like
Vendor showcase of discovery tools (i.e., front ends of our catalogs - how they interact with the data we put in, including how they are beginning to make use of RDA)
OCLC update made more interactive
Moving from one ILS to another as a consortium: a case study

Thanks very much -- we look forward to your responses and don't forget to take the survey!


OBS-SIS Education Committee
Chris Tarr, Chair
Karen Selden
Betty Roeske
Marjorie Crawford
Ellen McGrath
Michael Maben
Kathy Faust
Keiko Okuhara

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