Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lawberry camp

A new Saturday afternoon in DC activity ...

WHO: You. Yes, you. It doesn't matter if what type of librarian you are,
how long you've been a librarian, if your management or not, or what
type of library you work in (or if you're employed at all!). If you are
coming to AALL, you are the right person to attend Lawberry Camp.

WHAT: Lawberry Camp, an unconference before AALL. What's an
"unconference?" An unconference is a participant driven meeting. There
are no planned presentations and the topics of discussion will be
decided on by attendees on that day. Facilitators are present to keep
the conversation flowing.

WHERE: WCC-Room 144 C

WHEN: Saturday, July 25 3pm - 6pm

WHY: Because you have something to share. Because you want to hear
what others have to say. Because you want to meet with other law
librarians in an informal setting. Because you have nothing to do the
Saturday afternoon before AALL starts.

HOW: More information and registration can be found at
Lawberrycamp Attendance is limited to 50 people, so don't

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