Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Appreciation of Catalogers and Cataloging Standards

Dear Colleagues,

Since I will be unable to attend the AALL Annual Meeting and participate in the TS-SIS programs in Washington, D.C., I have decided to do what is hopefully the next best thing, write an article/posting emphasizing the positive aspects and continuing relevance of cataloging and cataloging to a more general audience incluing some decision makers. I have therefore prepared a posting "In Appreciation of Cataloging and Catalog Standards," and have published it today on the Criminal Law Library Blog which reaches a broad audience of both librarians and others. It is a generalized posting which emphasizes my appreciation for, catalogers and cataloging standards rather than going into details at any depth. Joni Cassidy has agreed write a subsequent article which will cover some of the material I did not include. To see my posting go to:

As a member of TS-SIS I really appreciate the many e-mails and other documentation that is distributed to the membership on a regular basis. It is very informative. For example I could not have completed this posting without some of thie information provided by TS-SIS and many of its members separately.

Here's wishing all a wonderful time in Washington, D.C. and great TS-SIS meetings.

Best regards,


David G. Badertscher
Principal Law Librarian
New York Supreme Court
Criminal Term

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