Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Innovative Interfaces Law Users Roundtable

About 25-30 Innovative users joined the Roundtable at 12:00 pm on Tuesday, July 15th. Moderator Sarah Boling invited attendees to join one of six tables labeled with the subject of their choice, including Release 2007, Web OPAC/front end design, Research Pro, user authentication issues, acquisitions and ad hoc. The groups had lively discussion for about 45 minutes and reported back to the whole group.

Attendees ranged from new users to those with many years of experience. Within each group members made connections with others who had information or suggestions about their areas of concern, and either shared information at the time or agreed to make contact in the future.

The three topics selected were ad hoc, acquisitions, and Web/OPAC. However, the discussions were wider ranging. Topics discussed included emailing notices, ERM, federated searching, use of widgets, coverage load issues, Case, electronic invoices, Encore vs Research Pro, Release 2007 generally, as well as specifically spellchecking and printing issues.

Observations were made about the changes in customer service -- pro and con -- as Innovative grows larger. Members hoped to interact with the Innovative representative who ended up not making it to the Roundtable. However, all seemed to value having a forum to make connections and share information.

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