Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Be a conference reporter for TSLL!

HELP ---- HELP ---- HELP!!


1. CALL BRIAN --- [see email sent to TS/OBS lists for phone number]. And we'll get you signed up for one or more Portland programs about which to write up a report.


2. Go to the TSLL reporter wiki and sign up there. If you've not participated in a wiki before, it's time to jump in

Colleagues who are going to be Portland:

Those of you who know me, realize that this is standard "Brian-Last-Minute" stuff. This is very important though! I NEED BUNCHES OF AALL ANNUAL MEETING REPORTERS FOR THE TSLL SEPTEMBER CONFERENCE ISSUE. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS AUGUST 21st.

I've created a TSLL wiki for this ponderous task of getting reporters signed up for all the OBS and TS SIS programs. Go to it! Sign up! I need lots of help here. For those who already contacted me to assign them a program to report, just go to the wiki and sign up there. It's fast, and fun! If you have never wiki'd before, this is your chance to get your feet wet and do some wiki-look-wiki-work.

http://tsll.pbwiki.com --- I've password-protected the wiki, the password is [see email for password!], with more instructions once you're in the wiki.

The advantage of the wiki is that you can sign up for reporting on a program (or two) at the last minute, on Friday night or Saturday, in your hotel room, whilst looking at the final program, sipping your favorite beverage and making those last minute decisions on what programs you are actually going to attend. You can fire up your laptop and launch to the wiki and make your selections. Sweet! Please go to it right after reading the rest of this email.

The wiki is free, so it has its foibles. It's not nice and tidy like Martin Wisneski whips up for us (I was too late getting him the info he needed). But it will work for us. If I've forgotten a program on the listing, just ADD IT to the list. Be sure to save your editing work and log out of the wiki when done.

Thank you! Your reward will be... will be.... the glory of seeing your name in print in TSLL and contributing to your profession. New librarians are also welcome and encouraged to write up a report. Generally, I need reports of a length somewhere between 400-1500 words. *Easy*

See many of you very soon!

Brian Striman
Editor-in-Chief, TSLL
Schmid Law Library
University of Nebraska College of Law

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