Friday, July 11, 2014

Descriptive Cataloging Advisory Working Group Meeting

Descriptive Cataloging Advisory Working Group Meeting
Monday, July 14, 2014
11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Location: Convention Center, Room 216A

Our rather full agenda is attached. Guests are welcome to attend (although in the interests of full disclosure, I must report there will be no enticement of refreshments).

Additional supporting documents have been sent directly to current members of DCAG. If you are a former member and did not re-enlist yourself during our fall campaign, please see incoming Chair, George Prager, after the meeting. (And of course, if you are newly interested in joining this working group, please also feel free to attend, and be ready to roll up your sleeves!).

Wishing safe and hassle-free travels to you all.
Melissa Beck
Head of Cataloging
UCLA School of Law
Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library
Los Angeles CA
(310) 794-4799

Descriptive Cataloging Advisory Working Group
Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee
Meeting Agenda
Monday, July 14, 11:45 am – 12: 45 pm
Convention Center Room 216A

/Current Roster


AALL CC:DA Representative ​​​​​John Hostage

Discussion Items

General methodology for setting descriptive policy and practice

​Evaluate current RDA instructions and LC-PCC PS relating especially to legal resources; determine whether (and by what means) they need to be revised/interpreted:

​​a) Formal RDA revision proposals

​​b) LC-PCC PS development/revision proposals

​​c) Formal guidelines (“best practices”) to allow for uniformity
​​ within the law cataloging community

Collective titles of laws​​​​​​John Hostage
(DCAG team to pursue RDA revision of “Laws, etc.”)

Establish DCAG teams to investigate AALL guidelines/best practices

​1) Extensive statements of responsibility
​​(and corresponding access points)

​2) Contructing and qualifying AAPs for preferred titles

​3) Use of relationship designators

Other areas of descriptive cataloging requiring guidelines​Aaron Kuperman

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