Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Proposal to make the TS-SIS Ad Hoc Membership Committee a permanent Administrative Committee

The TS-SIS Executive Board proposes that the current Ad Hoc Membership Committee be made into a permanent Administrative Committee. This issue will be voted on at the TS-SIS business meeting in St. Louis.

The proposal for this committee is as follows:

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is appointed annually (August-July) to facilitate member recruitment, retention and involvement. The committee chair is appointed by the TS-SIS Chair soon after taking office. The committee chair appoints at least four other members. Committee members may be reappointed for more than one year.

The chair:

* Assigns a committee member to obtain a list of new section members and to send out welcome packets to them. Each packet should include a cover letter, a TS-SIS brochure and a volunteer form.
* Assigns committee members to contact technical services librarians who are members of AALL, but not of TS-SIS, and encourage them to join the section
* Prepares the volunteer request form and sends it to the webmaster to be posted on the TS-SIS website by February 1. Sends out an announcement on the online discussion forum ( encouraging members to volunteer by completing and submitting the form on the website. Forward copies of submitted volunteer forms to the appropriate committee chairs and/or officers.
* Assists the TS-SIS Chair in answering inquiries about membership in the section.
* Maintains the section's supply of TS-SIS brochures.
* With assistance from the TS-SIS Chair, revises and updates the TS-SIS brochure as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.
* Represents TS-SIS at the CONELL Marketplace.
* Serves as liaison to the AALL Mentorship Project. Assign a committee member to solicit TS-SIS members as mentors and mentees in the AALL Mentorship Project.
* Signs up to spend at least 1 hour at the TS-SIS table in the exhibit hall at the annual meeting, and asks committee members who are attending the meeting to do likewise
* Submits an article to TSLL at least once a year.
* Reports briefly on the committee's activities at the TS-SIS business meeting.
* Submits a written report to the TS-SIS Chair detailing the committee's activities by July 1.

This announcement is being made in accordance with Article IX, Section 2 of the TS-SIS bylaws, which states:

"Administrative committees may be authorized by a majority vote of the members present and voting at the annual Section business meeting, or by a majority vote of the members in an electronic ballot conducted by the Secretary/Treasurer. Such authorization requires that a proposal stating the name and purpose of the administrative committee be presented to the membership at least thirty (30) days before a vote."

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