Monday, June 23, 2014

TS-SIS table needs volunteers --

Going to San Antonio? Well then, we'd like some help.In case you don't know, the TS-SIS activities table can bee a beehive of activity sometimes.Come visit bee-tween programs.Bee-cause it's fun! Bee-sides, you get to chat, introduce yourself, meet new colleagues.

Bee-low is some info on what you need to know to volunteer to bee at the activities table to help answer questions. I don't think you will bee bee-sieged with questions. It's just a great time to relax and see what all's going on with our SIS.

Signing to volunteer is so easy a musk ox could do it with a broken hoof.

TS-SIS Activities Table

The Technical Services Special Interest Section is sponsoring an activities table in the Exhibit Hall at the 2014 AALL Annual Meeting in San Antonio. It's fun to be at the table to meet your old friends and greet new colleagues who come by to see what makes TS The SPECIAL Interest Section that it is!
Information for Activity Table Volunteers

Arrive at the table at your designated time. Don't worry if you are running a little late-- programs can run over or you find yourself gabbing with someone and suddenly realize that you have a very important responsibility.
There may or may not be someone already waiting at the table for you to take over.
If there is someone at the table, introduce yourself.
Engage in either small talk or shop talk, or both.
Ask the other volunteer if there's anything special you need to know (like if someone came to write a special note for someone else, somebody left a conference booklet there with no name, etc.).
Sit down on one of the chairs (there are usually 2 chairs per table).
Review the instruction sheet for volunteers.
Relax. Look around. Look like you're "approachable." As if you doing a reference shift. Be in idle attention. No, this isn't a zen thing: Not in exhibit hall.
Check out all the stuff on the table. Perhaps read the TS-SIS brochure so you can talk with visitors about the SIS.
Be in response-mode as people come to the table. You don't have to feel like you should engage in conversation. You can assume a passive-aggressive approach if you want.
Check the supplies on the table and replenish if needed. Jennifer Creevy will try to stop by the table as often as possible to make sure all is well.
Extra supplies are kept under the table in a box.
Be yourself. If you're naturally quiet, be that way. If you are more outspoken that is ok also. Encourage people to enter the drawing for the $25 Amazon gift card.
Feel free to leave when your time is up. You don't have to stay if your "reliever" hasn't yet arrived. It's not uncommon for folks to be delayed from programs or meetings.
When you leave the table, be sure to remember that we thank you very much for volunteering!!!

2014 Activities Table Volunteers

To Volunteer, launch to this URL and sign up. It's too darn simple! TS-SIS Activities Table.

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