Monday, August 03, 2009

Vendor neutral e-monograph record guide

In anticipation of an implementation date of August 1, 2009, the Provider-Neutral E-Monograph MARC Record Guide has been posted to the BIBCO Web site: Thanks to Provider Neutral Task Force members Becky Culbertson, Yael Mandelstam, and George Prager for preparing the guide. The document contains background information, a metadata application profile (MAP), and examples to guide BIBCO and other catalogers in creating provider neutral e-monograph records.

There is a link to the Provider-Neutral E-Monograph MARC Record Guide on the BIBCO Web site, listed under the BIBCO Participants Manual

The Provider Neutral E-Monograph Task Group Final Report revised July 30,
2009 is available
from: Task group members are working on an update of the PCC MARC Record Guide for Monograph Aggregator Vendors to incorporate provider neutral practices and expect to make the revised version available in the next month or so.

Also in anticipation of an August 1, 2009 implementation date, CONSER standard record guidelines
(CSR) ( have been revised to incorporate PCC practices for online series qualifiers (for background please see:

LCRI 25.5B has been revised to support the CONSER practice of not requiring a uniform title for an online monographic series solely to differentiate online from other physical mediums. This revision is included in the Cataloger's Desktop 2009 Issue 3 released today.

Thanks to Judy Kuhagen of the Library of Congress Policy and Standards Division for working on LCRI revisions and for reviewing the provider neutral record documentation.

Les Hawkins
CONSER Coordinator
Library of Congress

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